Why Do Cats Bite The Hand That Feeds Them?

As the companion to three cats, I’ve been scratched and bitten plenty, more than my fair share even. Sometimes I’ve had it coming, but most of the time it is unprovoked. I don’t understand why cats sometimes attack us. They just walk by us and latch onto our feet or legs. Or sometimes, they launch attacks from above, for no apparent reason.

I’ve seen my cats do this to each other on occasion, so maybe they think we’re cats too and it’s OK. I would never get my cats declawed or condone declawing, but I do wish there was some way to stop this. Anyway, watch the very short clip of Raven attacking my foot (yes those are my Eeyore pajamas and fuzzy slipper socks). Just by luck, I had the camera in my hands when he attacked. Neither Raven or myself were hurt.

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2 responses to “Why Do Cats Bite The Hand That Feeds Them?

  1. Raven looks exactly like Paul! And Paul does the same exact thing to his humans — as well as the dogs in the house. (Luckily, the dogs love it and it becomes one big game.)

  2. Sometimes I walk around the house with my shoelaces untied, just so kitties can have fun. I would never declaw my kitties either. btw Eeyore rocks!

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